Jumpstart Your Semester Self-Care Day #6


Day #6: Dealing with setbacks and building momentum.
Worksheet Day Six


Day #5: Commit and make a plan!
Worksheet Day Five


Day #4: Developing a self-care mindset.
Worksheet Day Four


Day #3: Knowing yourself and what you need.
Worksheet Day Three


Day #2: Recognizing and working around barriers.
Worksheet Day Two


Day #1: What is self-care and why is it important?
Worksheet Day One


Welcome to our 7-day course designed to help you start the semester strong! Establish baseline self-care habits that will help you manage stress, stay focused and be productive throughout the semester. Experiment with different self-care habits that will keep you feeling great and able to do your best work no matter what challenges you might face.

Welcome and overview.

Thank you for joining us – keep us posted on your progress!
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