Taking care in the New Year

Greetings to everyone in our McNair community!

Spring semester is well upon us and I’d like to invite you to take a moment to notice how you are feeling. Physically, emotionally, mentally … how are things going for you? The beginning of a new semester, especially with the start of a new year, is a great time to set some intentions, especially as they relate to your health and well-being.

We’re about a month into things, and if you did set some intentions for this semester, how are they going? Are you doing things that support you feeling good on a daily basis? Have you taken some time to reflect upon what those things might be?

It’s different for everybody, but I always like to start with the basics.

  • Are you eating food that makes you feel good?
  • Are you getting enough sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed?
  • Are you doing some form of exercise to minimize stress and build strength?

Making sure you are taking care of your basic needs can go a long way in being productive, less stressed and generally more happy throughout your day. Beyond that though, I encourage you to explore ways you could go even further with your self-care.

Step things up notch.

You might consider:

  • Do you feel connected with others? Are you spending time with family and friends and developing meaningful relationships in your life?
  • Do you feel passionate about your work? If not, what could you do to start inching yourself toward doing something you love?
  • Do you prioritize yourself and take some time just to be with yourself? Scheduling some “me time” is a great way to refresh yourself, especially if you can slow down enough to simply enjoy the moment and where you are at this particular point in life.

>> I invite you to join our SPRING SELF-CARE CHALLENGE by simply selecting three self-care items you are committed to doing on a regular basis for the duration of the semester. <<

Click HERE to listen to a short video announcing the challenge …

These can be daily or weekly items and can be whatever you need them to be. The important part is making a commitment to yourself to doing these things no matter how busy you get, no matter what challenges you might be facing, no matter what happens. The best part is that when you commit to your baseline self-care, you will likely find yourself in a much better position to tackle those “challenging days” that are sure to crop up along the way.

Envision this: once you’ve been “doing your self-care” for two months straight and finals are coming up, you are going to feel so much better prepared, simply because you know you have established a strong foundation of well-being to support those final efforts you need to make this semester the best one yet!

Sign-up for the challenge by clicking HERE and declaring your intentions. Click HERE to join our McNair Facebook Group geared toward sharing our self-care journeys this semester. Let’s create a fun + supportive environment!

Let’s do this as a community.

Let’s share insights, accomplishments, even our set-backs along the way. Let’s share *best practices* so that we can become even stronger in our resolve to forward the McNair Mission, and train ourselves in becoming active citizens ready to take on the most pressing issues facing us today.

We need to do this and we especially need to do this now.

lmc ❤